Short Course

For pilots that have logged 15+ hours of IFR training. Contact me to discuss your situation.

The difference between the ‘Completion Course' and the ‘Full Course' is the fact that you already have some training and knowledge on IFR procedures, which shortens the training I need to provide. I will be teaching based on my experience on what works, using my techniques and procedures for single pilot IFR operations, and that may be somewhat different from what you have previously learned. Please understand; this is NOT the bare minimums ‘pass the ride' course taught by most instructors. What you don't know in IFR operations can get you killed.

Like the full course, the Completion IFR Curriculum is a concentrated ‘Professional' course that works well for instrument training because it keeps everything fresh, unlike dragging it out over months as so often happens. My training program covers all the material and training needed for most pilots to pass their Instrument Check Ride, PLUS a lot of valuable information and training to be safe and confident using your new rating. The training is a balance of classroom, simulator, and airplane, designed around your airplane and the equipment you will be using on a regular basis. By using a PCATD, most pilots can finish in about 40 hours total, (30 in the airplane), but this will vary because of how your previous training was done. Plan on doing some review and memorization before coming. Also plan on studying at night while you are here. In most cases you can use the text you used to study for the written, plus the material I provide. Also, you can use the PCATD for extra practice as needed, as part of the course.

It's my observation that to make the course work to your best advantage, you need to be totally focused on the training. That's very hard to do with the distractions of everyday life and work, and that's why I think you need to come to me, with time scheduled to get the training completed.

If you need flexibility in scheduling your training, I can usually accommodate you, understanding that my program is designed to cover the material rapidly but thoroughly, with the goal being to finish in the allotted time.

Schedule: 6 days
Price: $3195