Recurrent Training

My Recurrent Training Course fills a much needed demand to sharpen the skills of all instrument rated pilots from those that regularly fly IFR, to those that have trouble maintaining basic currency. The training has designed in flexibility, and because each pilot is different, I give special attention to the areas you request, as well as cover the material that is appropriate for your level of experience and equipment.

Some of the areas covered are:

  • Simplified Techniques and Procedures for single pilot IFR operations
  • Review and application of the FAR's
  • Review of en route operations and charts
  • All types of approaches, including GPS
  • Properly executed missed approaches
  • Radio Communications
  • Emergency Procedures, with an emphasis on partial panel operations
  • Airport operations
  • Weather and Wind shear
  • IFR accidents and trends
  • Everyone's nemesis: Holding (made simple and easy)

As you review each area, you will put that knowledge into practice using the PCATD. At the end of your training, we will fly a short cross-country flight putting to use the material covered and meeting the requirements for an Instrument Proficiency check and Flight Review.

Schedule: 2 days
Price: $995