Instructor Experience is the Key

I have been an active CFII-ME for 25 years, starting Watkins Aviation Inc in 1980 as flight school and charter business, now specializing in IFR flight training. I'm single and multi-engine ATP rated, with Type ratings in the Saab 340A/B, and Fairchild Metroliner. Having over 5000 hrs as a flight instructor, 2000+ hrs. as an airline sim instructor, and 13,000 TT, I have flown virtually every model of Cessna and Piper including their light twins, most models of Mooney and Beechcraft, and a wide assortment of other types, plus have experience with Garmin, MFDs, and Flight Management Systems.

I flew for American Eagle Airlines for 7 years before taking early retirement. The first year and a half were spent mostly as a Line Captain, "hand flying" turboprops from North Carolina through the busy "North East Corridor" to New York. The next 5 years were spent in the training department, instructing and giving checkrides to ATP standards in both the simulator and airplane, doing "Line Checks", and maintaining my currency as a Captain. During my 2000+ hrs as a "sim" instructor, I mastered the ability to use the simulator efficiently and to maximum its advantage as a training tool. As an additional note, I was selected to train the FAA Inspector responsible for the American Eagle SAAB 340 flight operations and training program, in both the simulator and airplane.