Program Overview

Choose from 3 IFR courses:

  1. Complete IFR Flight Training Curriculum: either 10 days straight through or, two 5-day sessions. Price: $5195
  2. Completion Course: for pilots dissatisfied with their current training schedule, or progress; 6 days. Price: $3195
  3. Recurrent Training: Sharpen your skills, plus get IFR Proficiency and Flight Review sign offs. Designed for either single or multi-engine; 2 days. Price: $995

Using a certified PCATD (Personal Computer Aviation Training Device) for training greatly speeds up the learning curve because we are able to freeze the simulation whenever needed. This allows your total concentration on understanding the training objective, without having the distraction of flying the airplane. Then we can reset your position for more practice. Using the PCATD also saves you money because the FAA allows credit for 10 hrs toward your rating, thus you only need 30 hrs in your airplane.

Because the best and quickest results require you to focus on the task of mastering IFR, coming to me gets you away from the distractions of your business and everyday life. Everything is setup and ready to go, including hotel reservations and scheduling your check ride.